Podcast: Why We Need a Wealth Tax

EOI's Carolyn Brotherton joins Washington's Indivisible Podcast to discuss the state wealth tax



The way our state raises money to fund all the things we love and rely on matters.

The way our state raises money to fund all the things we love and rely on matters. But right now, our public revenue system is broken: the tax code is rigged to protect the wealth of the extremely rich at everyone else’s expense. Not only is this system unfair, state lawmakers are leaving billions of dollars on the table. By passing the wealth tax and demanding our state’s wealthiest residents pay what they owe, we could begin to balance our tax code and fund the programs and services that keep our communities strong and healthy.

Learn more about the wealth tax and what it can do for our state with EOI’s Carolyn Brotherton and the Washington Indivisible Podcast.

To learn more about the wealth tax and the other progressive revenue policies we’re advancing this legislative session, visit our 2023 legislative agenda.

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