State of Working Washington

Research reports and interactive charts showing how Washington residents are faring in today’s economy, from jobs and wages to inequality and family budgets. Note: Charts are not interactive on mobile devices.

With the Recovery Stalled, it’s Time for Strong Leadership in both Washingtons

Robust relief packages, bold policy choices, and progressive tax reforms will put our economy back on track

Washington’s Economic Crisis is Deepening — We Need Immediate Aid and Bold Action

Federal, state and local lawmakers need to step up now so we can begin healing and start turning the economy around

Washington’s Economic Recovery is Slowing

WIth fewer jobs being added each month, public health measures -- and government rescue and relief -- are crucial to get our economy moving

State of Working Washington
Unemployment Drops — but 200,000 Jobs are Still Missing

Washington's underlying economic problems won't be fixed without strong rescue and relief

State of Working Washington
COVID-19 Pandemic Means Unprecedented Job Losses, but Impact Isn’t Uniform

Smaller, high-wage sectors and people with college degrees face better odds

State of Working Washington
No shelter in a storm: Why most workers couldn’t prepare for the economic fallout from COVID-19

Most of the gains from a decade of economic growth went to the top

A Fair Deal at Work
The Growth of Economic Inequality in Washington

A few at the top are pulling away, leaving everyone else behind

A Fair Deal at Work
What’s Happening with Wages in Washington

Why most workers won’t be ready for the next (inevitable) recession