Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

Funding Public Services through Progressive Tax Reform

Amply-funded public services benefit all Washingtonians. However, our state has an out-of-date tax system that ultimately hurts all of us. Washington’s tax code is rigged to protect the large corporations and the very wealthy. The state’s reliance on regressive sales tax and property tax results in working people subsidizing the rich as well as public funding that continually falls short of what’s necessary.  EOI advocates for closing egregious loopholes that amount to giveaways to big business and billionaires, reforming existing taxes like the real-estate excise tax and estate tax to make them more fair and robust, and passing new progressive policies such as a state wealth tax. We work with community partners to pass progressive revenue policies. A modern, progressive, and ample tax system can fully fund the programs and services that create a Washington where we can all thrive.

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A Fair Deal at Work

July 19, 2024

What do Washingtonians really think about taxes?

Most people understand that the rich need to pay their share

Progressive Tax Reform

July 18, 2024

Protect Washington’s Kids by Protecting the Capital Gains Tax

Vote NO on I-2109 to keep funding for public education and childcare

Progressive Tax Reform

May 24, 2024

Report: First Findings from the Legislature’s Wealth Tax Study

What the Department of Revenue has learned exploring wealth tax proposals from other states and countries


Tax my income and fix my city. Please.

I’m an engineer at one of our local tech companies, and I’m fortunate enough to qualify for the proposed income tax on Seattle’s affluent. Unlike Steve Ballmer, who made headlines commenting on the proposal, I look forward to paying my fair share to keep Seattle wonderful.

My grandfather first came to Seattle to escape Russian pogroms and build a better life in the New World. Even though my family had little, the opportunity in America allowed my grandfather to send my dad to a good public school, and my dad in turn went on to teach at Harvard Medical School. I’d like to think my grandfather would have the same good fortune if he arrived today.

But the opportunity afforded my grandfather is no longer attainable. We call Seattle a sanctuary city, but the services that we and our immigrants depend on are underfunded and under threat. Our public schools are criminally underfunded. Rent is skyrocketing, pushing middle-class and poor families out of their homes. Tents line our bumper-to-bumper highways.

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