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Paid Sick Days report makes local headlines: “Everyone wants to operate in a community where people are thriving.”

Yesterday, the Main Street Alliance, a small business organization, released a report on the economic impacts of Seattle’s paid sick leave ordinance. The report’s findings? One year after implementing the paid sick days law, new business formation and job growth in Seattle remain strong.

In 2013, there were 7,200 more retail jobs and 3,200 more food service and drinking places jobs in King County during the first seven months of the year than for the same period in 2012. The report also found that Seattle has maintained its share of King County businesses and revenues, including in the retail and food services sectors.

The report’s results made headlines across the Puget Sound on local broadcasts, radio and blogs. Check out the highlights below.

KING 5: Seattle’s sick leave policy appears to be healthy for business

The Andrew Walsh Show on KIRO Radio: How is the paid sick leave law affecting local businesses?
At the 16:30 minute marker

How is the paid sick leave law affecting local businesses? A new report says Seattle’s businesses are still growing faster than most of the nation. Makini Howell, chef and owner of Plum Bistro, joins the show to talk about how her business is doing better than ever.

The Stranger: Paid Sick Leave, One Year Later: Where’s Our Business-Killing Socialist Hellscape?

Celebrating the one-year anniversary(ish) of Seattle’s Paid Sick Leave ordinance, today members of the The Main Street Alliance of Washington, a coalition representing more than 2,500 small businesses across Washington state, released a report that basically confirms that despite the business-killing socialist Hellscape promised by paid sick leave opponents, business is still booming in King County.

KIRO Radio: Report: Seatte’s paid sick leave law not hurting economy

Seattle’s one-year-old mandatory paid sick leave law is not hurting the economy, according to the findings of a small business organization. An examination of preliminary job growth, taxable retail sales data and inflation rates from King County for the first seven months of 2013 shows no negative impact on the economy. The results were presented Tuesday by the Main Street Alliance of Washington.

KIRO TV: A look at impact on Seattle businesses and your pocketbook, one year into mandatory paid sick time

On Tuesday, the Main Street Alliance of Washington released its report saying the law has not hindered the Seattle/King County economy.  The findings are all based on King County economic data. “The trends that were underway appear to have been continuing right along,” said Marilyn Watkins of the Alliance.  “The number of businesses in Seattle has continued to grow in services and retail and the volume of sales has continued to grow.”

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