How to Get Health Coverage in the COVID􏰁19 Pandemic

The state government has re-opened health insurance enrollment through May

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange has implemented a “special enrollment period” through May 8, which will enable people to sign up for coverage on the exchange in the event of a change in income or the loss of a job or employer-based health insurance.

No- and low􏰁-cost health coverage is available through Washington Healthplanfinder. If you already have coverage through the Exchange, and your income has gone down, you can report that change and your premiums will likely go down, or you might be enrolled in no-􏰁cost Apple Health.

If you lost your job and your health coverage, you can immediately apply for coverage through the Exchange. You will either be able to get health insurance, with premiums reduced through the immediate federal tax credit, or you will qualify for no-􏰁cost Apple Health.

  1. Insurance coverage through the Exchange: Go to the Washington Healthplanfinder. Premiums for insurance through the Exchange will likely be much lower than commercial insurance coverage outside the Exchange.
  2. If your income is below the certain levels, or if it has suddenly dropped to below these levels, you will qualify for Apple Health.
    • 􏰂  $1,468 for a single person / $2,845 for a pregnant person
    • 􏰂  $1,983 for a two􏰁-person household / $3,584 for a two􏰁-person household with pregnant person
    • 􏰂  $2,498 for a three􏰁-person household / $4,323 for a three􏰁-person household with pregnant person
    • 􏰂  $3,013 for a four-􏰁person household / $5,063 for a four-􏰁person household with pregnant person
    • 􏰂  $3,529 for a five􏰁-person household / $4,559 for a five-􏰁person household with pregnant person.

Your income is determined at the day of application. For example, if you have a two􏰁-person household and you got laid off, so you household income drops from the equivalent of $40,000 a year to $20,000, you are immediately eligible for Apple Health.

To enroll online, go to Washington Healthplanfinder, download the WAPlanfinder mobile app, or call 􏰁855-􏰁923􏰁-4633.

You contribute to Apple Health every day through sales taxes. Don’t hesitate to enroll if you need health coverage.

For help in getting coverage, Washington residents can find advice online here, or call the Customer Support Center at 855-􏰁923􏰁-4633, TTY 855􏰁-627􏰁-9604 (please expect longer than usual wait times).

The Exchange has also create two PDFs to help you navigate reporting a change in income and with frequently asked questions about COVID-19 health coverage.

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