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EVENT: Solving the Health Care Crisis from Seattle to Spokane

June 22nd Film Screenings and Panel Discussions

4 out of 5 Washingtonians worry about being able to afford health care and 1 in 4 are forced to skip their medications, cut pills in half, or leave their prescriptions at the counter because they can’t afford them. How did we get here?

The provocative new documentary, American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System, takes a close look at what’s been driving our health care system and its outrageous pricing, monopolization, and consolidation, and dares to ask “How can we incentivize hospitals to provide the highest quality care at the lowest cost?”

EOI is co-sponsoring the Washington premiere of the film and holding a panel discussion to learn what we can do to improve the health of our health care system at two locations:


  • In Seattle, we’ll be at the Central Seattle Library, 1000 4th Ave, Microsoft Auditorium on the 1st floor. Doors open at 5 pm, screening from 5:30-6:30, discussion to follow.
  • In Spokane, we’ll be at the Downtown Spokane Public Library 906 W. Main Ave, on the 3rd floor, 6:30-8:30 pm.

We hope you can join us!

RSVP here.


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