Help EOI (Re)Capture the Flag

The principle of liberty and justice for all is at the heart of the American Dream. But today, our nation’s promise is at risk. We’re losing the opportunity to make things better for ourselves and our children in a system rigged to favor the few at the expense of everyday people.

It’s time we put American values back at the center of our economy, like: rewarding hard work, so we each have a chance to build a successful life and contribute to our community; building strong families, so we can fulfill our responsibilities both at work and at home; and doing your fair share, because creating a better world for our children is a shared responsibility.

In other words, we have to (Re)Capture the Flag, so the American “can do” ethic rises once again. To do that, we’ve outlined ambitious policy goals for the next several years. But to be successful, we need your help – and your patriotic spirit!

  1. Give to EOI. One generous donor has pledged to match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000! Help make sure we meet this match by giving today.
  2. Grill with a purpose. Does your holiday BBQ usually include a bit of political discussion? Challenge your guests to invest in a real solution. Contact us and we’ll send you info to share. Or invite an EOI staff member to join you – we’ll even bring a six pack!
  3. Send us your flag picture. Snap a shot with Old Glory that shows your favorite American value and send it to us along with a caption or explanation. We’ll publish it on our blog and/or Facebook page. The best photo – selected by EOI’s summer interns – will win an apple pie!
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