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Congresswoman Suzan DelBene Co-Sponsors the Healthy Families Act


Suzan DelBene

Flu season peaks this month. Public health officials tell us to stay home at the first sign of fever but millions of American workers can’t afford to take off work and far too many fear that staying home with the flu will cost them their job.

We all need paid sick days.

The Healthy Families Act would create national standards for earned paid sick and safe leave time, ensuring every worker has access to sick leave when they need it.

The legislation is widely supported, with over 140 co-sponsors in the U.S. House and Senate. Washington state Representatives Rick Larsen and Jim McDermott as well as Senator Patty Murray have co-sponsored the bill since it was introduced in March 2013.

But this month we got some welcome news – Congresswoman Suzan DelBene has signed on as a co-sponsor the bill in the House, the only second Washington woman in Congress to do so.

“Our economy thrives when working families are both healthy and financially stable. That’s why we must update our workplace policies to ensure families don’t need to choose between caring for their health or keeping their paycheck,” said Congresswoman Suzan DelBene. “The Healthy Families Act is a commonsense proposal that will help give workers the security they need to succeed both at work and at home, and I’m proud to be a cosponsor.”

We thank Congresswoman DelBene for her support, but we know Congress is unlikely to act on sick and safe leave soon.  That’s why it’s so important for the Washington State Legislature to pass HB 1313, the statewide sick and safe days bill. The state House passed HB 1313 in January, but the bill must pass out of Senate committee by end of next week to move forward. Take action today by contacting your Senator and urging them to support sick and safe leave.

Via Washington Work and Family Coalition

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