Accessible, affordable and professional early education is key for children and parents in working families

Three legs underpin the early education “stool”: Accessible care, affordable prices, and professional teachers. And while some good strides have been made in those arenas, three recent posts on the New America Early Ed blog highlight just how much ground we have left to cover:

‘A Confusing and Frustrating Maze’: Underlying Reasons for Underenrollment in Preschool
“Why Isn’t Johnny In Preschool?” is a new report that both reveals what has stymied pre-k attendance among children with the greatest need for it and offers a series of recommendations for how to increase enrollment. More

Low-Wage Schedules and the Child Care Struggle
Low-wage hourly  employees often face unpredictable hours and less-than-full-time paychecks. If these employees also happen to be parents, the instability and inflexibility of their work life is likely having negative effects on the health and education of their kids. More

2+2 College Education Model Presents Problems for Would-be Early Ed Teachers
Shockingly few students who enroll at community colleges with the intention to earn a BA ever do so – this is likely to become an issue as states and now the federal Head Start program seek to increase the number of pre-k and early education teachers who have bachelor’s degrees. More

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