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Washington Policy Review | 5.27.2010

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John Burbank: Most of us can trace our roots back to immigration

The discussion about immigration has focused myopically on illegal immigrants from Mexico and other countries in Central America. And Arizona now compels police to demand papers of anyone they “suspect” may be undocumented. But there is an irony in this Hispanic bashing. | More

Initiative 1098 vs. Initiative 1077: What’s the difference?

It was deja vu all over again last week as supporters of Initiative 1098 heard a pep talk from Bill Gates, Sr. and picked up the very first petitions for the campaign – just like the Initiative 1077 kickoff that took place about a month ago. So what’s the difference between the two measures? And why was it refiled as I-1098? | More

Boxing in the Big Apple: SF Chamber of Commerce delivers knockout blow to opponents of paid sick days

The Wall Street Journal examines a budgetary boxing match between opponents and advocates of legislation to ensure New York City workers can earn paid sick days on the job. The question: How much will it cost? In one corner: the New York City Chamber of Commerce, which says the measure will cost billions. In the other: the legislation’s advocates and supporters. Their estimates are less than 10% of the Chamber’s low-end estimate. Who will be crowned champion? | More

EOI in the News: Shaping the public debate

Every day, EOI’s media outreach helps to shape public debate. Since the start of 2010, EOI’s knowledgeable staff and rigorous research have been quoted and cited in more than 15 unique regional and national news stories. Read the stories

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