New analysis shows why Initiative 1098 is right for Washington

Why I-1098 is right for Washington

Newspapers, blogs, TV, and radio ads are full of pronouncements and predictions about Initiative 1098. But what’s been missing — until now — is an in-depth, fact-based examination of the measure.

EOI’s latest policy brief, Why I-1098 is right for Washington, shows how I-1098 will cut taxes for the vast majority of Washington businesses and residents while raising new revenue for public investment in education and health care, laying the foundation for broad-based economic growth and opportunity. It lays out six reasons why I-1098 is right for Washington:

  1. We’re falling behind in K-12 education
  2. Higher education is out of reach
  3. We’re not investing enough for a healthy population
  4. Our current tax structure is unfair
  5. Our current tax structure is out-of-date
  6. Washington state budget cuts already total $5.2 billion – and counting

Initiative 1098’s tax reforms will lay the foundations for stronger economic growth and greater opportunity for all people in Washington. Read the full brief here »

Looking for more information about Initiative 1098? Visit the Economic Opportunity Institute website.

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