Restoring the Promise of the Middle Class: EOI’s 2010 Annual Event

stackedcards-lifeWork hard, play by the rules, and you’ll get ahead. That notion isn’t just America’s great promise to its people — it is the great project of the American people. But today, that promise is fading as too many workers and families are struggling just to stay in the game.

At the Economic Opportunity Institute’s annual dinner, held Nov. 10th 2010, we charted a course to restore the promise of the middle class in Washington state through high-quality early learning and care, paid family leave and paid sick days, affordable higher education, a secure and dignified retirement, and equitable taxes that support public services and structures.

Those attending played EOI’s own “Games of Life” before sitting down to a delicious dinner at South Seattle Community College. Together, we laughed along with Yoram Bauman (The World’s First and Only Stand-Up Economist); recognized the achievements of those working on Initiative 1098 this year; awarded the Aubrey Davis Award for Progressive Leadership to Louise Chernin, Executive Director of the Greater Seattle Business Association; and raised funds to support EOI’s work in the years ahead.

Drinks, the Games of Life, dinner, and program

5:00 – 8:30pm, Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brockey Center, South Seattle Community College

Yoram Bauman, The World’s First and Only Stand-up Economist

Louise Chernin; Bill Gates, Sr; Nick Hanauer; Marilyn Watkins, Trish Schroeder

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