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News on the state budget

Gregoire offers up no-new-taxes budget that freezes pay; workers say they’ll seek better deal from Legislature: Gov. Chris Gregoire unveiled a two-year state budget to close a $5.7 billion budget gap by freezing pay for some 250,000 state and school workers, assumes an infusion of nearly $1 billion from the federal government and slashes state spending by elminating programs and laying off workers.

Gregoire releases budget with deep cuts: Gov. Chris Gregoire Thursday released a Washington state budget that cut deeply into health and human services, education and natural resources to close a projected $5.7 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes.

Budget: cuts, transfers, fed bailout: Continuing Washington state government’s current path over the next 2 1/2 years would cost about $5.7 billion more than the state expects to get from dwindling tax collections. Gov. Chris Gregoire expects revenue to fall even further this spring.

What a difference a biennium makes: The Governor just finished her press conference on the proposed 2009-11 budget and the news was as grim as predicted.  For the UW, in less than two years we have gone from the best budget in twenty years to a significant state funding reduction.

Pay raises, public aid, schools face cuts in next state budget: Gov. Chris Gregoire waded into a river of red ink Thursday and proposed a no-new-taxes budget that would make deep cuts in general spending, eliminate pay increases for public employees and reduce the state’s health care safety net and money for schools.

Wash. gov offers no-tax budget for $6B shortfall: Sticking to her campaign pledge, Gov. Chris Gregoire on Thursday unveiled a no-new-taxes budget plan that would fix a nearly $6 billion deficit by whacking spending, suspending voter initiatives and borrowing some money.

Governor’s Budget Cuts Devastating to Children and Families Around the State: The Children’s Alliance today released this statement in response to Governor Chris Gregoire’s proposed budget cuts.

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