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New Beginnings at EOI

On my upcoming retirement

When I founded the Economic Opportunity Institute in 1998, I had a vision of a brighter future for our state – one of shared prosperity, economic security, and a good quality of life for every Washingtonian. We’ve made substantial progress towards that vision in the past 23 years, from implementing the country’s most progressive state estate tax, to securing overtime protections for Washington workers, and becoming the 1st state in the country to pass comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave. I am proud of all we’ve accomplished together over the past two decades. With all of you by our side, we’ve made real change for working people in our state.

I am equally proud of EOI’s internal growth and development. The organization steps into the future with a strong commitment to racial and income equity in place, a firm financial platform, and an embedded respect within Washington state politics and policy development. We are lucky to have a bright and dedicated staff, and a Board that actively guides and owns the organization. This June, I will be turning 67 years old. A good age to pass the torch to the next generation of progressive policy activists, thinkers, and doers. I do so, feeling comforted by the knowledge that EOI is in good hands, well-positioned for the future.

For myself, I will continue to be an active public citizen of our state, country, and world. There are many roads to go down after July 1st. It will be difficult to determine which ones to take as I approach this next chapter of my life, but that is a good bridge to cross. As we move into the next years, you can be certain of one thing; I will be journeying in spirit and action with my friends and colleagues at the Economic Opportunity Institute.

I am profoundly grateful for the support of our dedicated community of partners, allies and friends over the years. Together we’ve made tremendous progress for our state, and I eagerly await what EOI continues to build in the years to come. 

In love and solidarity,

John Burbank

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