Live blogging the TEA Party rally from the Capitol

Today I’ll be blogging live from the Olympia.

First up at 10am, the TEA Party’s anti-revenue rally.

Than later at noon I’ll be covering the Rally to Protect Our Economic Future, put on by the Rebuilding Our Economic Future Coalition.

I’ve heard both rally’s should draw an estimated 4,000 extra people to the Capitol steps today… I’ll be posting frequent updates and maybe even a few photos.

The TEA Party Rally:

9:52: Tea party rally group gathered on the north steps of the Capitol. Lots of anti-tax, anti-union and anti-government signage mixed with an oldies playlist while we wait for a speaker to take the podium.

10:02: Lynn from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation introduces Amber Gunn who argues that government doesn’t create anything, it simply transfers (zero sum game). What about the multiplier effect that is a proven source of economic stimulus?

Washington State Patrol estimated 2,000-2,300 attendees

10:11: New speaker reads definitions for and synonyms of the word ‘tax’ and has spent a significant amount of time talking about non-tax related issues, like legislation regarding the Dept of Ecology.

10:20: New speaker blames state gov’t for excessive taxes on Boeing that forced it out of the state. Uhhh… in their assessment of the state budget did they happen to notice the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks Boeing has gotten over the past few years alone?

10:30: Dori Monson of Seattle’s talk radio highlights the speaker list. Wait… 17% of our neighbors are unemployed? Not true. WA is hovering around 10%.

10:39: Claims special interests are forcing the Governor to raise taxes… what about the hundreds of tax exemptions for business and corporations that special interests have won over the years that are contributing to our massive state budget deficit?

10:45: Advocates for the Rebuilding Our Economic Future are beginning to filter in across the plaza in the street at the Temple of Justice. Rally is coming to a close with MC urging supporters to lobby their legislators.

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