New poll: Americans want stronger government role in making pensions more available – could Washington Voluntary Accounts lead the way?

The vast majority of Americans support a more active role for government in making pensions available, according to a recent poll conducted by Mathew Greenwald & Associates on behalf of the National Institute on Retirement Security. The research reinforces EOI’s work in Washington State to make it easier for employers to offer retirement accounts, through the Washington Voluntary Accounts (WVA) program.

The NIRS poll found 87% agreement that all workers should have access to a pension plan and 84% agreement that government should make it easier for employers to offer traditional pension plans. When asked about government incentives to encourage small employers to band together to offer traditional pension plans, 87% were in agreement. Eighty percent (80%) of Americans support government sponsorship of traditional pension plans for small employers and individuals.

The Washington Voluntary Accounts program would help small employers band together to offer 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plans to make it simple for employees to begin saving for retirement. WVAs take advantage to the infrastructure of state government and the advantages of pooling funds from many employers and workers to achieve the lowest possible investment fees.

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