BREAKING: One working family bill moves on to the Senate… one still left to go

Photo: Rachel Samanyi/Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Rachel Samanyi/Flickr Creative Commons

BIG news! Yesterday, Washington’s House of Representatives has passed this year’s equal pay bill on a bipartisan vote, which will help us address the pay and opportunity gaps between working men and women in Washington. (And what a perfect way to recognize International Women’s Day!)

This is a HUGE victory, and thanks to the hard-work of grassroots supporters like you. Now House Bill 1506 is heading to the Senate, where we’ll continue to fight to overcome inequality in pay and job opportunities.

You’re probably wondering where we stand on paid family and medical leave, too.

Well, it didn’t make it out of the House today, a critical deadline for most bills, but that’s okay — because it’s so important and related to the state budget, our paid leave proposal (House Bill 1116) has a few extra weeks to pass.

That means we’ll have to keep the pressure on to ensure that Washington workers and families have access to paid family and medical leave.

Here are a couple things you can do this week to help:

  1. Call your representatives TODAY at 1-800-562-6000, THANK THEM for passing equal pay out of the House, and URGE them to pass House Bill 1116 for paid family and medical leave!
  2. Attend a local town hall starting this weekend, March 11-12 with your state lawmakers and ask them if they support paid family and medical leave. Click here for more information about a town hall near you? RSVP here and we’ll send you time, location and useful resources!

Take some time to celebrate our success on equal pay in the House — you earned it.

Then let’s get ready to keep marching.

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