“What more do you want from students who do the right thing but still come up short?”

Oregon students, educators, and community members testified in overwhelming support of Oregon’s Pay It Forward proposal (House Bill 2662) on Friday, March 6 2015 – testimony begins at 1:22:06; click here for video with annotated list of speakers: Lamar Wise and other Pay

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Pay It Forward pilot program recommended to 2015 Oregon Legislature

By Jessica Pollard The Pay It Forward program was conceived as an alternative method to paying for college tuition. On Sept. 11, The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission unanimously voted to recommend a Pay It Forward pilot program to the

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Sen. Merkley Introduces Federal Legislation to Support Pay It Forward Pilot Programs

Today, U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (OR) introduced the “Pay It Forward” Guaranteed College Affordability Act of 2013. The bill would provide federal support for Pay It Forward pilot programs. For those of you late to the party, Pay It Forward

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Pay It Forward debt-free degree plan makes national debut as Oregon lawmakers tackle student debt crisis

Oregon has upped the ante with legislation that could reduce up-front payments for higher education tuition in that state to $0, in exchange for graduates paying a small percentage of their income back to a trust fund.

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PolitiFact rates National Restaurant Association statements on minimum wage: “False”

It’s clear the National Restaurant Association is opposed to the minimum wage in principle. But would they go so far as to mislead the U.S. Senate about the effect of minimum wage policies? You decide: Melvin “Mel” Sickler, a representative of

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Oregon legislature considering EOI’s “Pay It Forward Debt-Free Degree Plan” – California, Vermont and New York also interested

The Economic Opportunity Institute’s innovative proposal to re-imagine college tuition financing is getting some serious attention in the state of Oregon. The proposal, dubbed Pay It Forward: The Debt-Free Degree Plan, would allow students to attend any public college or

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Small businesses find their own voices – and views – on immigration, sick leave and more

Jim Houser made sure to wear his brown mechanic’s shirt, the one with the “Jim” nametag and multiple certification patches, to last week’s meeting at City Hall. The Portland City Council is considering a proposal to require businesses to provide

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Oregon legislature, voters take long-run look at budget – will Washington?

Yesterday, Oregon voters responded to the recession with strong votes in favor of two tax measures that will help preserve state funding for health care and education. The two measures provide more than a just revenue Band-Aid – they are

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News and Views: The budget deficit, new revenue and taxes — choices for Washington State

Seattle Times | Gregoire’s plan to fill budget hole: cuts, taxes, federal help | Gov. Chris Gregoire proposed Tuesday what she called a “responsible, balanced approach of painful cuts and new revenue” to close the state’s $2.6 billion budget shortfall.

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Health Care Reform and the Value of Work

Janet Bauer | Oregon Center for Public Policy In the pantheon of American values, few are more venerated than work. The esteem accorded to a strong work ethic dates from the days of the Puritans and was evident in President

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