Retirement Security

All people deserve to retire with dignity, but almost half of all Americans are not covered by a retirement plan at their workplace. To advance retirement security regardless of economic status, EOI works closely with Social Security Works Washington to advocate for the expansion and protection of Social Security.

EOI also helped develop the innovative Retirement Marketplace program, making professionally managed portable retirement plans accessible to workers and small businesses previously without retirement coverage.

EOI has helped other organizations across the nation develop similar retirement plans, and has collaborated with the Economic Policy Institute, Center for Economic Policy and Research, unions, state agencies, and AARP to make these strides possible.


A Forced Early Retirement, and Not Enough to Live On

When changes in her contract work at Microsoft timed with with her partner’s need for full-time care, Aganita Varkentine left the workforce earlier than she had anticipated. In order to care for her partner,  Aganita had little choice but to begin her Social Security benefits at age 62, even though she knew her benefits would be higher if she waited longer to enroll.

Today, Aganita has lived almost entirely on her Social Security checks for 15 years. Without this income, “I’d be on the street,” she says.

After her medical and dental premiums, Aganita receives a monthly net income of $1,118. This is $64 less than the average benefit of $1,182.24, and only 110.5% of the Federal Poverty Level. This income allows Aganita to pay for her essential needs but it does not provide a comfortable living. After her day-to-day expenses, medical care, and helping to support her son as he enrolls in SSI Disability Insurance, this small budget is stretched thin.

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