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Leadership Changes at EOI

The EOI Board Thanks Summer for her Service as Executive Director

Summer Stinson is moving on from the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI) today. The EOI Board and community thank Summer for her time and service as Executive Director. Summer also served on EOI’s Board of Directors, key partner to EOI for over a decade as one of the co-founders of Washington’s Paramount Duty.

Summer assumed her role and successfully led EOI in navigating through a still unfolding Covid-19 pandemic. She designed and implemented EOI’s salary equity policies, instituted policies to ensure workplace safety, and transitioned our staff to a hybrid work environment. “Summer brought her deep expertise in human resources to implement policies ensuring our staff have Seattle living wages, sick and safe leave, and a sabbatical program. It was through her excellent leadership we were able to successfully meet these challenges.” states Michael Tamayo, EOI Board President.

Throughout her tenure at EOI, Summer used her strong relationship building skills to broaden and strengthen EOI’s network of partner organizations. She worked alongside national and state partners to develop the national and state wealth tax and progressive revenue strategy. Summer’s political acumen, exemplary advocacy skills, and strategic skills working with legislators and partner organizations led to numerous legislative successes.

Likewise, Summer shares: “It’s been an honor to serve the EOI community; work with EOI’s numerous wonderful partner organizations, and advocate for EOI’s values and legislative agenda around progressive revenue, child care, health care, paid family and medical leave, worker rights, and other strong investments for every Washingtonian.”

The EOI board thanks Summer for her leadership role in these successes and wishes her the best for her next leadership, policy, and advocacy endeavor.

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