Inclusive Health Access

A growing number of people in Washington state are uninsured or underinsured. EOI is taking a community-based approach to healthcare by developing policies that expand affordability, comprehensiveness of care, accessibility, and cost containment and that build upon existing infrastructure and programs whenever possible.

EOI believes that necessary healthcare should not be out of reach for anyone regardless of citizenship status, economic status, or health condition.

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Healthy Communities
Addressing Our Health Care Affordability Crisis

HB 2821 improves affordability by replacing a federal tax on insurance providers

Healthy Communities
The Reality of Health Insurance

Systemic Dependence on Hybrid Publicly Financed Coverage

Educational Opportunity
Washington State Early Learning Hiring and Retention Survey

Statewide Survey Shows Low Pay, High Turnover Cause Education Quality Deficits

Early Learning
Dynamics in Early Childhood Education in Washington State

A Case Study on the Impacts of Low Wages and Inadequate Public Support

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Inclusive Health Access

April 3, 2020

COVID Federal Relief Doesn’t Do Enough to Prevent a Health Catastrophe

An analysis of federal relief packages and state response

Inclusive Health Access

April 1, 2020

How to Get Health Coverage in the COVID􏰁19 Pandemic

The state government has re-opened health insurance enrollment through May

Inclusive Health Access

March 23, 2020

Looking Forward After 10 Years of Obamacare

The current health crisis underscores the urgency of affordable, high-quality health care