Women gain 6 out of 10 jobs added in November

According to an Institute of Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) analysis of the November employment report, job growth improved, with 146,000 jobs added to nonfarm payrolls. Job growth was strong for women (91,000 jobs) and men (55,000 jobs). From IWPR: As

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Nationally, women making some gains on the gender job gap

The economic recovery has been different for women than for men, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Women experienced a later start to job loss during the recession and have recovered at a slower pace. National jobs numbers

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Four new economic development policies to help us recover from the recession

Guest post by Stan Sorscher (cross-posted from Huffington Post) Let’s look at public policies for economic development that help us recover from the recession. In one view of economic development, the role of government is to “make business succeed.” In

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To fix the state budget, start at the top

From State Budget Cuts: Starting at the Top By Dean Baker The elite media are on yet another jihad. They are determined to cut the pay and benefits of public sector workers who can still enjoy a middle-class lifestyle. The

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The hidden benefit of public sector pensions: 186 million jobs – and counting

From Creating Good Jobs for Our Communities: Pension Dollars at Work Washington state, like many other states across the nation, is facing a continuing budget shortfall. But as state legislators address these budget challenges, pension critics have been vocal in

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Why the jobless recovery is unique to America

You might not know this, but while the Great Recession is still hammering American workers and small businesses, recovery is well under way in other nations. What’s more, the pain of our recession is no longer spread evenly across the

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2008-09 recession: The most damaging to household finances since World War II

If you want insight into just how damaging this recession has been to the fabric of the American economy, here is a short must-read post from Kevin Drum on Mother Jones: Chart of the Day – Financial Assets: There were

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Are Low Taxes Exacerbating the Recession?

From In These Times: As the planet’s economy keeps stumbling, the phrase “worst recession since the Great Depression” has become the new “global war on terror” — a term whose overuse has rendered it both meaningless and acronym-worthy. And just

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Paid sick days can help heal our families — and our economy

There are millions of working moms like Eva. Unable to find a job and kicked off welfare, she sells her food stamps to buy basic necessities. She is inches from losing her meager living in the middle of the worst

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Initiative 1033 will extend Washington’s recession

From the Everett Herald: As our ballots arrive in the mail, we can all weigh in on one issue central to our health, well-being and future. Our economy is in the tank, unemployment is rising, and health coverage is being

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