The Equal Pay Opportunity Act: A step toward fair wages for women

By Marilyn Watkins, Ph.D and Sam Hatzenbeler, MPHc From high-profile CEOs and movie stars to healthcare and retail workers, men consistently make more than women. Social scientists and economists have found clear evidence that gender-based discrimination persists – and is

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Sam Hatzenbeler: Why I interned at EOI

“Working at EOI gives you access to cutting edge policy and communications experts.” Sam Hatzenbeler, a Graduate Policy Intern here at EOI, is wrapping up her summer internship with us. Below, she shares why she applied to work at EOI

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Property taxes enhance private value

I start fretting in August about paying the second half of my property taxes in October. I worry that I will forget to pay (as I have done), and get penalized (as I have been). So I decided to pay

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Paid summer internships at EOI now open for applications

Do you want to learn more about working in public policy? Are you looking for a summer internship opportunity to build-out your professional experience in advocacy? EOI is now accepting applications for our paid summer internships. Interns will work directly

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New research: Young adults gaining health coverage under Obamacare

With youth unemployment stagnating above 16% and student loan debt soaring to nearly $1 trillion, today’s young adults are facing a rocky start to financial independence. But one thing they can breathe a little easier about is increased access to

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Paid leave benefits mean much more than a boost for business

Healthy employees make for a healthy business. But paid leave benefits isn’t just about business owners stepping up for economic gain. It’s about helping kids get the best possible start in life – which pays off in the long-run.

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Family and medical leave insurance – the breast bet for kids

Healthcare professionals have long touted the benefits of breastfeeding for the health and development of new babies. Research shows infants who are breastfed have lower incidence of respiratory infections, asthma, eczema, childhood leukemia, Type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity, and sudden

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Voting for jobs

As Washington voters consider their ballots in the final days of election season, there’s no doubt many are thinking about the economy. So where does Washington’s economy stand? Economic growth has finally begun to accelerate in 2012, with most sectors

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Four freeloader fabrications poisoning our perceptions of public policy

In the “makers vs. takers” debate, the line between truth and opinion is just a dot to some. That might win a debate, but it’s not a good way to run a democracy. So here’s a handy summary of what’s

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Remains of ancient race of job creators found in rust belt

Did you see this bit in The Onion? WASHINGTON – A team of leading archaeologists announced Monday they had uncovered the remains of an ancient job-creating race that, at the peak of its civilization, may have provided occupations for hundreds

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