Moody’s public pension scheme doesn’t make sense – unless you’re on Wall Street

Wall Street bankers have been known to get creative – if not downright deceptive – when finding ways to maximize their own income. Now Moody’s, the bond-rating agency that overvalued junk investments and helped bring the country (and world) to

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Pensions part of system that actually works right

We elect our state legislators with the hope that they will look out for the public. So it always is sort of a shock when legislators work to undermine government services which work best for people. It as if they

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What do Pearl Jam and Dean Baker have in common? Even Flow

As “Dean Vedder” would sing it (with apologies to Eddie): Freezin’ pension contributions hurts your long-run, again Oh, feelin’ maybe we’ll see a little better, P&E rate, ooh yeah Oh, maxin’ contributions makes too hard on your seniors, ah Oh,

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