How do Finns prosper more — with so much less, ostensibly, than we have?

Imagine living in a relatively small nation, where per capita income is $11,000 less than in Washington state, and the only natural resources are timber, water and ice. People pay a 31 percent tax on personal income in excess of

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Finland’s model shows respect for all

I just returned from a trip to Finland to visit old friends. I brought home a bill from a hospital. You may wonder how these two things connect. The bill from the hospital was for a friend of mine. She

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Seattle educators, parents celebrate victory in standardized MAP assessment

Many teachers and parents in the Seattle School District were thrilled to hear Seattle Schools Superintendent Jose Banda’s announcement earlier this month that the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized assessment will be optional next year. Following the recommendations of a committee

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Finland ranked top place to be a mother

Being a mother isn’t an easy job, no matter where you’re doing it. But in Finland, which ensures a high quality of life for mothers and their newborns, it’s easier than most everywhere else. Finland was recently ranked number one

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What Washington can learn from Finland’s success in K-12 education

Finnish students are among the best in the world. Their success has come through a system that would seem unorthodox here in the United States: no standardized testing, no private schools, fewer hours in school, teacher autonomy, full national funding,

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Why must our schools always be compared with Finland?

In every education survey, Finland seems to come out on top. Finland. And I’ll bet you’re sick and tired of hearing how great Finland is. But I wanted to find out why, so asked the man who helped Finland do

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What Washington state can learn from the Finnish education model

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, EOI hosted Finnish education leader and author Dr. Pasi Sahlberg for a conference on educational systems in Finland and Washington state. At the conference, Dr. Sahlberg spoke to state policymakers and education leaders about the success

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Finnish education leader to speak in Seattle

From the Seattle Times: For more than a decade, Finland has scored at the top or near the top of the closely watched international exam known as PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment, while the United States has hovered near the middle. Pasi Sahlberg, who heads the

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Seattle closing doors of opportunity by charging tuition for kindergarten

A good education is the key to a shot at the American Dream. So it’s puzzling to see the Seattle School Board pulling the rug out from under hundreds of school-kids by raising tuition for full-day kindergarten by 15% (to

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Panel discussion on Finnish education with February film

An enviable education system seems to have replaced paying its war debts as the most common popular stereotype about Finland today. It seems that scarcely a day goes by without some media attention to the Finnish model, as teams of

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