Why living wages are important for my workers, business & the community

By Molly Moon Neitzel When I first decided to open an ice cream shop, I knew that one of my goals would be to pay all of my employees a living wage. So I wrote it into my business plan,

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How our taxes are subsidizing low-wage employers (and how people are fighting back)

If you like the notion of your tax dollars going toward record high profits for dozens of U.S. corporations, you can stop reading here. Still with me? Thanks. I’d like to introduce you to one of the most succinct, easy-to-understand

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Study shows D.C. paid sick days law hasn’t negatively impacted business

From the National Partnership for Women and Families: A recent report released by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (ODCA) on the district’s 2008 paid sick days law provides a welcome and much-needed assessment of the impact of this historic

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Labor and business leaders tout San Jose’s $10 minimum wage as selling point for quality

A $2/hour minimum wage bump is just the beginning, as local labor and business leaders team up to promote a unique “Earn ‘n’ Spend in San Jose” campaign. San Jose is expected to gain an additional $70 million a year

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Want to create jobs? Make it possible for everyone to do it

Republican leaders like Speaker Boehner have suggested that increasing tax rates on the wealthiest one percent of Americans would be a mistake, alleging that the top one percent are the preeminent job creators and entrepreneurs in our economy. In fact,

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Rep. Eric Cantor proposes H.R. 9: Small business identity theft disguised as a tax break

Rep. Eric Cantor’s (VA-7) Small Business Tax Cut Act would be more aptly named the “Small Business Identify Theft Act”. His bill defines a small business as one with fewer than 500 employees – and given that 95% of Washington

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Stan Sorscher: Harvest America or Invest in America?

Many American voters seem ready to run our country as if it were a business. Some businesses take a long-range growth perspective, and honor all their stakeholders. A country run that way would be OK. However, other businesses believe their

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Now Hiring: Temporary Campaign Coordinator

EOI is seeking an experienced candidate to coordinate a campaign for Seattle Retirement Accounts. Background in organizing, campaign strategy, and/or communications is especially desirable. 40 hours per week for a minimum of 3 months beginning in March 2012.

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Small business owners shun lobbyists, call for “high-road” workplace standards

Business experience, academic research and political muscle are backing calls by small business owners for “high road” business and economic development policies – and policymakers are listening. The recent campaign for paid sick days in Seattle featured local business leaders

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Seattle Business Magazine: Keep the Minimum Wage High

From the Seattle Business Magazine | By John Levesque Now is not the time for Washington state to scale back on providing a decent living wage. You probably heard this one before: Having a job is the new raise. True

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