Social Security now providing online benefit statements

Since the 1980s, Social Security statements have been mailed annually to all workers 25 and older. So if you’re a worker – and over the age of 25 – maybe you’ve been wondering where your Social Security benefit statement is.

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Budget cuts since the Great Recession

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: The recession has taken a big toll on jobs and family incomes – and on public revenue. The state has mostly cut services, not raised revenue, resulting in $10.5 billion in cuts. (Note: Federal

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How raising revenue for public services could create 17,000 jobs

State and local government budget cuts and layoffs, combined with the sharp falloff of federal investment, are slowing down the tenuous beginnings of economic recovery and threatening to derail it altogether. Since 2009, Washington policymakers have slashed billions of dollars

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Have your cake and eat it too? Microsoft and Boeing show true colors in higher ed funding debate

In a recent post on the Seattle PI blog, reporter and blogger Chris Grygiel comments on the “chutzpah” of Boeing and Microsoft for celebrating the “transformation” of higher education in Washington state. What’s he talking about? Grygiel explains several bills passed

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Straight A student can’t compete for college against billions in corporate tax loopholes

A recent article in the Seattle Times titled Why straight-A’s may not get you into the UW this year explores the real-world impacts of state budget cuts on high school seniors, including Chief Sealth student Brandon Stover. Stover, the valedictorian

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State Tax Increases, Spending Could Protect Washington Job Market

Washington State is losing an estimated 44,000 private and public sector jobs due to billions of dollars in state budget cuts in 2009 – and further cuts could axe another 33,600, according to EOI’s latest economic analysis. By contrast, a

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Take action to rebuild our economic future

We face stark choices in Washington State this year about our future and the things we value. For example: Do we put college out of reach for more than 10,000 low-income students by cutting their financial aid — or do

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