Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Business Voices

“I try to treat the people who work for me the way I want to be treated. It makes sense to support your people, and they’ll support you – which will gain you market share, which will make you more money than skimping on paid leave benefits.”
– Makini Howell, Plum Bistro, Seattle and Tacoma, WA

“Family and medical leave would really help one of my employees right now whose wife just had stomach surgery. Now he’s juggling her care, looking after his three kids, and working enough hours to keep them afloat. The cost of family and medical leave is insignificant compared to the cost of not having a system like this.”
– Don Orange, Hoesly Eco Automotive, Vancouver, WA

“Paid family and medical leave is an affordable way for my small business to provide much needed protection for my employees. Ensuring a new baby or horrible medical condition doesn’t bankrupt families is a huge benefit to my employees, their families, and a smart way to save money on social service programs.”
– Janine Vaughn, Revival Lighting, Spokane, WA

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