Washington State looking for budget solutions

Economists urge Legislature to raise taxes to deal with budget: Twenty-two of them signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown and many of them will be meeting with Brown today. | Publicola

House Dems say they may put tax increase on ballot: House Democratic leaders say they’ll likely propose sending Washington voters a tax package this year to help deal with a staggering shortfall in the state budget. | Seattle Times

Sen. Franklin elaborates on her state income tax proposal: Sen. Rosa Franklin, D-Tacoma, introduces a state income tax bill almost every legislative session. This one was no exception. But largely because Initiative 960 requires a 10-year projection for any bill that proposes to raises taxes or fees, her bill got more scrutiny this time. | News Tribune

Poll: New Yorkers want income tax hike for rich: Most New Yorkers support raising taxes on those making at least $250,000, a new poll finds. A bill supported by the Working Families Party to hike the income tax rate on those making at leat $250,000 has been introduced in both houses. | New York Daily News

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