Maybe you won’t be a contestant on Survivor. But you can still win in our Survaluation!

Unlike “Survivor”, our 2010 Survaluation doesn’t require you to start a fire with your bare hands, fish in crocodile-infested waters, or build a shelter. All you need is an opinion — and I know you’ve got at least one of those!

To be clear: This is not (just) a survey. And it is not (just) an evaluation. It’s a “survaluation” — that is, your opportunity to share your impressions and opinions about the Economic Opportunity Institute, and a chance for me to learn about people (like you!) who are connected with EOI in some way.

That’s a win-win right there, but there’s more: every person who completes our 2010 Survaluation can choose to enter a drawing to win one of several prizes, including $100 cash or some great books and subscriptions. Consider it a personal economic stimulus package for the holidays!

The whole thing should take only 10-15 minutes. You can stop and restart it where you left off at any time, and your answers will be anonymous. Your input will help guide our work throughout the year ahead, and make our communications more useful, relevant and available to more people.

To get started, just send me your email address using this form – I’ll send you a link to the survey, and you’ll be off and running.

Thanks very much!

~Aaron Keating, EOI

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