Just the facts (on family leave), please | Update

Update: The pdf version of the WPC brief cites a 2004 study by the National Federation of Independent Business to back up its claims about provision of paid family leave by small business. The NFIB study states:

“Just 12 percent of all small employers have policy regarding employees who request time off for a serious family illness, a birth, a birth, or an adoption.” (p.2)

So for the vast majority of workers at the firms surveyed by the NFIB, there is no guarantee of receiving time off for a significant life event like a birth or adoption, and there’s no job protection either.

Let’s try that idea out on health care to see how it sounds. If only 12% of employers had written policies on health care insurance for their workers, would it be reasonable to claim that two-thirds of workers have health care benefits?

It doesn’t work with family leave benefits either.

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