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EOI (and Pay It Forward) heading to SVP Fast Pitch Semifinals!

Fast-Pitch-Logo-with-PointerEOI is proud to announce our own Kelli Smith has been selected to move on as an SVP Fast Pitch 2014 Semifinalist in the established non-profit category. Kelli impressed the panel of judges with her pitch for EOI’s Pay It Forward proposal for tuition-free access to higher education.

And what, you might ask is SVP Fast Pitch? It’s:

“a business training and pitch competition for nonprofit and for-profit social innovators age 16 to 106. Fast Pitch connects innovators with business, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders who want to help them change the world.”

Categories in the competition include for-profit start-up, nonprofit start-up, established nonprofit track and student venture track. In the established nonprofit category, 15 applicants made it to the quarterfinals and EOI’s Pay It Forward is one of only 7 pitches that will be heard at the semifinals.

Throughout the Fast Pitch program, participants receive mentoring and training, helping them to hone their ideas, improve their pitch and build relationships with advisors, donors, investors and partners. The winners receive a portion of $250k in grants and investments.

The Final Showdown is open to the public and will be held on October 28th at McCaw Hall. Tickets can be purchased online with the proceeds going to help fund the awards. This is a great opportunity to support EOI and Pay It Forward, and see the inspiring work that so many innovators in the Puget Sound area are doing.

Good luck Kelli — and congratulations on making it to the semifinals!

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