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2020 Virtual Changemakers Dinner

Welcome, Changemakers!
Event Details:
Tuesday, September 15th
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Event Materials:
Event Program
Bingo Card


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With appreciation to the following elected officials and candidates joining us at the Changemakers Dinner:

Congresswoman Kim Schrier
Congressman Denny Heck
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene

State Senator Mona Das
State Senator Sam Hunt
State Senator Manka Dhingra
State Senator Marko Liias
State Senator Bob Hasegawa

Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins
State Rep. Gael Tarleton
State Rep. Beth Doglio
State Rep. Jesse Johnson
State Rep. Vandana Slatter
State Rep Sherry Appleton
State Rep. Gerry Pollett
State Rep. Mike Pellicciotti
State Rep. Shelley Kloba
State Rep. Frank Chopp
State Rep. June Robinson
State Rep. Roger Goodman
State Rep. Melanie Morgan
State Rep. Amy Walen

King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Wells
King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci

Redmond City Councilmember Vanessa Kritzer
Redmond City Councilmember Jessica Forsythe

Candidate for U.S. Congress Carolyn Long
Candidate for U.S. Congress Beth Doglio

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Marko Liias
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Denny Heck

Candidate for Secretary of State Gael Tarleton
Candidate for State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti

Candidate for State Rep. Tarra Simmons
Candidate for State Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley

Candidate for State Sen. Helen Price Johnson
Candidate for State Sen. Ingrid Anderson
Candidate for State Sen. T’wina Nobles

Congresswoman Schrier has a message for EOI’s community of Changemakers:
click here to view it!


Congresswoman DelBene has a message for EOI’s community of Changemakers:
click here to view it!
With thanks to our event sponsors:
Organizer Sponsors:

Advocate Sponsors:

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    • Michelle Cooper, SPEEA Treasurer

      what is the price for only one person?

      Aug 6 2020 at 5:39 PM

    • Economic Opportunity Institute

      $25 for general admission, $100 if you want dinner!

      Aug 10 2020 at 4:58 PM

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