State of Working Washington

Welcome to the State of Working Washington. Here, you will find our annual State of Working Washington Report and interactive graphs that will inform you about how Washingtonians are faring – from the cost of education to income inequality to pay.

Spoiler: it’s not always getting better…

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Growing Jobs, Stagnant Wages, Increasing Inequality and Rising Prices
The State of Working Washington 2018: Full Report

Since the Great Recession, Washington has added over 400,000 jobs. But sluggish wage growth and rising prices are making the state a more difficult place to work and raise a family.

Even after adjusting for inflation, costs for rent, home ownership, health care, child care, and higher education have outpaced modest increases in median family income.

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State of Working Washington
Taxable Sales as Percent of Income

Even though the sales tax rate is increasing, it's bringing in less money