State of Working Washington

Welcome to the State of Working Washington. Here, you will find interactive graphs that will inform you about how Washingtonians are faring – from the cost of education to income inequality to pay.

Spoiler: it’s not always getting better…

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Income Inequality in Washington

The Wealthy Are Getting Wealthier and Everyone Else Isn’t

After the Second World War, Washington saw a record high level of income equality – the bottom 90 percent of the population captured 79 percent of the income in 1945.

By 2012, the bottom 90 percent of households only received 50 percent of total state income.

The other 50 percent went to the top 10 percent of households.

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State of Working Washington
Living Wage Metrics by County

Rural Washingtonians are having a harder time getting by

State of Working Washington
Wages vs. Productivity

For most Washington workers, wages haven't budged in 40 years, despite productivity gains

State of Working Washington
The Pay Gap by Industry in Washington

No matter the job, women are earning less than men

State of Working Washington
Washington State’s Race Gaps

It's not just money - gaps in opportunity span multiple areas

State of Working Washington
Unemployment and Underemployment

The unemployment rate doesn't include many people who work, but still can't get by.

An Inclusive Economy
Income Inequality in Washington

The Wealthy Are Getting Wealthier and Everyone Else Isn't

State of Working Washington
Pay Disparities by Race and Sex in Washington and Seattle

The wage gap can't be explained without discrimination

State of Working Washington
Taxable Sales as Percent of Income

Even though the sales tax rate is increasing, it's bringing in less money