Equal Pay

Washington State has one of the worst wage gaps in the country, discriminating against women, people of color, and the LGBT community. The EOI-led Equal Pay and Opportunity Act went into effect on June 7, 2018, ending pay secrecy policies and requiring employers to provide job-related reasons for differences in pay and opportunity.

The new rights granted under this act protect and support workers as they identify wage discrimination and advocate for their deserved pay and opportunity. Coming into effect on January 1, 2020, Paid Family and Medical Leave in will further challenge the gender wage gap by guaranteeing women 12 weeks of paid leave for pregnancy and childbirth.

These added and upcoming protections support workers’ rights to equal pay and opportunity, and will push the Washington wage gap toward equity.


How a Children’s Book is Fighting the Gender Pay Gap

When Emily Kim graduated from law school in 2011, the job market was bleak. She was thrilled when she landed her first position and she took the salary offered, fearing that negotiation might cost her the job.

A while later, Emily assumed a role managing the office’s budget. In comparing past years’ payroll expenditures, Emily saw something that shocked her. The man who had previously occupied the position had been paid $10,000 more.

“We had the exact same qualifications,” she said. “We graduated law school in the same year.”

Emily couldn’t believe the discrepancy. “That really amped me up, and made me hyper-aware moving forward to think about salaries and what you’re worth.”

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