Fixing health care mess would help all workers

A survey released Monday by the AARP of 400 companies of all sizes in Washington State found that while health insurance is costing more for all companies, the price hikes for small businesses are almost three times those of larger companies.

Fixing our health care mess would give businesses of every kind a boost and help workers struggling through unemployment in a slowing economy, as EOI’s Policy Director Marilyn Watkins notes in her latest column:

My friend Millie expects to be unemployed soon. At age 60 and after 10 years with her employer, she had her hours cut last fall. She has been told to expect fewer hours next month and no work after August.

Health insurance emerges as one of the biggest concerns for people facing unemployment. A serious illness or accident can happen at any time. Monthly premiums are costly, even when able to tap into a company plan.

Full column here.

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