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March 17, 2020

Everyday Heroes in the COVID-19 Pandemic

We as a society can get come out of this stronger on the other side


March 14, 2020

EOI’s COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy

EOI's offices are closed

Retirement Security

March 13, 2020

Trump’s Payroll Tax Cut Is the Wrong Prescription for COVID-19

Congress should send the Social Security 2100 Act to the White House instead as part of emergency response

Inclusive Health Access

March 13, 2020

Despite Challenges, Health Care Moved Forward in 2020 Legislature

Health care legislative session wrap-up

Progressive Tax Reform

March 9, 2020

State Government Must Do More to Protect Our Economy from the Virus

How to stop the coronavirus from disrupting our services and destroying small businesses

Paid Family and Medical Leave

March 6, 2020

Without Government Spending, Coronavirus May Cause Washington’s Economic Collapse

We’re facing potential economic disaster, with weeks or even months of disruption

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Health Care Coverage
Extending Apple Health to Save Mothers’ Lives

Senate Bill 6128 addresses the crisis by supporting the most vulnerable

Early Learning
Good Teacher Compensation Is the Anchor for High-Quality Early Learning

Pilot funding for salary recommendations of the 2019 Compensation Technical Workgroup

Health Care Coverage
Addressing Our Health Care Affordability Crisis

HB 2821 improves affordability by replacing a federal tax on insurance providers

Higher Education
Washington’s College Pathway

Tuition-free community college can be the next step in removing access barriers