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Funding Public Services

August 24, 2021

2021 Federal Reconciliation Package Priorities

The U.S. Congress is working out the details of a Human and Care Infrastructure package that will make major investments in childcare, health care, paid family and medical leave and more

Paid Family and Medical Leave

August 13, 2021

Hard-Won Equity Expansions of Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Take Effect

Learn about the improved benefits now available to you and your family

State of Working Washington

August 10, 2021

New State Programs May Ease a Short-Term Evictions Crisis, but Steep Rent Hikes Spell Trouble

State and local lawmakers must fashion new policies to reshape our housing market

Equal Pay

August 3, 2021

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

What it means and what we can do to close racial income gaps

Healthy Communities

July 30, 2021

Happy Anniversary to Medicare and Medicaid

What we've gained and why it's urgent to keep pushing for change

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Progressive Tax Reform
Washington: From Affluence to Prosperity

A key reason for Washington's failure to achieve economic prosperity is the state's unfair tax system

A Fair Deal at Work
Protecting Black Workers During the COVID-19 Recession

Research from the Thurgood Marshall Institute