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Funding Public Services

February 25, 2022

We Need an Ambitious Budget to Help our All People and Communities Thrive

If ever there was a time to invest deeply in our people and basic services, it’s now.

Funding Public Services

February 16, 2022

We Must Prioritize Investments in the Health and Well-Being of our People

Washington legislators have only about three weeks left to make important decisions that will have long-lasting impacts on millions across our state

Early Learning

February 11, 2022

Washington’s Child Care Workers Deserve Better—Starting With More Paid Sick Time

As we head into year three of the pandemic, investments in the child care workforce are much-needed and long overdue

Progressive Tax Reform

January 31, 2022

We Must Invest in Washingtonians, Not Take A Path of Austerity Politics

Our state legislators should choose to fund the services our people need—child care, mental and behavioral health, housing security, and education—over indiscriminate tax cuts that largely benefit the wealthy.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

January 28, 2022

With Strategic Investments and Improvements, Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program will Support Families for Generations to Come

PFML has improved the health and economic resilience of Washington families


December 17, 2021

EOI’s 2022 Legislative Agenda

By strengthening the core pillars of our economy – including child care, health care, educational opportunity, economic security, and our public revenue system – we can diminish economic, racial, and gender inequity.

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State of Working Washington
Economic Update: Workers’ Wages and Corporate Profits

Part 3/5: Recent wage gains for workers are dwarfed by growth in corporate profits

State of Working Washington
Economic Update: Business and Jobs

Part 2/5: While high-wage sectors have grown, low- and moderate-wage jobs are still making up pandemic losses

State of Working Washington
Economic Update: Employment and the Labor Force

Part 1/5: Unemployment continues to decline -- but there's substantial room for improvement.

Paid Family and Medical Leave
Improving Access to Washington’s Paid Family & Medical Leave Program

SB 5649 factsheet