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An Inclusive Economy

December 20, 2019

Who “Deserves” Our Help?

Restrictions on who "deserves" help in public programs are artifacts of racial exclusion

A Fair Deal at Work

December 11, 2019

Washington to Let More Workers Qualify for Overtime

This is the first update in 40 years

Inclusive Health Access

December 7, 2019

Losing a Gamble on Being Uninsured

Young adults are almost twice as likely to be uninsured, exacerbating financial instability

Paid Family and Medical Leave

November 27, 2019

Families are Complicated and Paid Leave Can Help

Who could take care of a family member who slips on fried turkey?

A Fair Deal at Work

November 8, 2019

Washington Veterans Are Getting New Benefits

In 2020, veterans and their families will have special paid leave rights

Progressive Tax Reform

October 30, 2019

Update on the Seattle Income Tax

Creating a pathway to a progressive income tax

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Educational Opportunity
College Promise – A Pathway to Greater Equity in Opportunity?

Lessons from across the U.S.

A Fair Deal at Work
Sources of Inequality

The forces behind the widening gaps between rich and poor

A Fair Deal at Work
Washington’s Employment Picture

A look at the numbers shows room for improvement

State of Working Washington
Public Higher Education Tuition in Washington

State budget cuts have pushed the cost of college out of reach