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A Fair Deal at Work

October 22, 2018

What Is Given Is Then Taken Away

The revocation of transgender rights feels violent because it is violent

Progressive Tax Reform

October 17, 2018

We’re Number 1!

For at least 22 years, Washington has had the highest taxes on lower-income people.

Equal Pay

October 16, 2018

I’m Going to Tip Minority Servers More – and Whites Less

Racism and discrimination translate to lower tips for people of color

State of Working Washington

October 12, 2018

The Unemployment Rate Isn’t All That Matters

“Slack” is why wages are low even when unemployment is down

Inclusive Health Access

September 28, 2018

What Your Candidates Say About Health Care

Washington Legislative Candidates Replied to our Recent Questionnaire

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State of Working Washington
Unemployment and Underemployment Rates

The unemployment rate doesn't include many people who work, but still can't get by.

An Inclusive Economy
Voter’s Guide to the Washington State Budget

Getting to the public investment our state needs to thrive

An Inclusive Economy
Income Inequality in Washington

The Wealthy Are Getting Wealthier and Everyone Else Isn't

State of Working Washington
Pay Disparities by Race and Sex in Washington and Seattle

The wage gap can't be explained without discrimination