Underfunding college shifts burden, debt to students

Monday night, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved an $80 billion annual increase in military spending, enough to make tuition free at all public colleges and universities in the country. President Donald Trump had only asked for $54 billion. Politicians from

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A tax reform plan to fund K-12, higher education and more — at less cost to nearly all of us

The Legislature is at loggerheads, with the Democrat-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate far apart in their proposed budgets. Neither party has a long-term plan for fully funding K-12 education, higher education, mental health, public employee contracts and teacher cost-of-living

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Irony Alert: Legislators want to gut GET (because their budget cuts jacked up college tuition)

State Senate Leader Rodney Tom and other state legislators are mulling an end to Washington’s popular Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program. Their contention: GET doesn’t operate in the black. The real problem: their own higher ed budget cuts have jacked up

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What does it take to make it in Washington state?

Via Sightline: What does it take to live in Washington state? To pay for the bare necessities like rent, childcare, groceries, clothing, shoes, transport to work, telephone service, cleaning products and household items? (That’s without the additional costs of any

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Bump in Pell Grant funding increases access to higher education

By EOI Policy Intern Tatsuko Go Hollo Amidst all the talk of funding cuts related to the debt ceiling deal, there is something you may not have heard about – a funding increase. Pell Grants, which provide financial aid to

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