Doing better than “getting by”: How to expand Washington’s Basic Health Plan

The number of people without health insurance in Washington has climbed over the last decade, even during economic upswings. At the same time, enrollment in Washington’s Basic Health Plan has fallen dramatically, the result of several years of compounding state

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Expanding Basic Health: The humane thing to do

From the Everett Herald | By John Burbank There’s no other way to say it: Health coverage for new employees is dismal in Washington. Barely half of Washington employers actually offer health coverage to full-time employees. Then there is the

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Money needed to rescue WA Basic Health is out there

From the Everett Herald: We are not broke, or even close. We have more money, income and wealth than 10 years ago, even more than 20 years ago, and way more than 30 years ago. So when lawmakers are making

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Lawmakers should make moral choice on health plan

From the Everett Herald: First you lose your job, then you lose your health insurance. If you take a lower wage job, chances are you won’t get health coverage with it. As a result, there are now more than 1

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Help save Basic Health by closing tax loopholes – ask your legislator to support HB 1847

On the heels of the worst economic collapse in decades, state legislators are looking for ways to fill a $5 billion+ revenue shortfall over the coming two years. It’s no small task, especially with hundreds of tax exemptions worth billions

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