The rich got richer by leaving the middle class in the dust – but it doesn’t have to be this way

As the U.S. climbs out of the Great Recession, Wall Street and big banks are enjoying record-high profits, at the expense of middle and low-income families still struggling to gain an economic foothold since the economy’s collapse. This economic “recovery”

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Washington state’s tax breaks are breaking the bank – and crippling our schools

From the Everett Herald: Occupy Wall Street has turned the national conversation to corporate privilege vs. the 99 percent. The mainstream media has “discovered” the yawning chasm in income, privilege and well-being between Main Street and Wall Street. No surprise

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You can’t win in America’s casino economy – unless you change the rules

A casino can be an entertaining way to pass the time, provided you know two things: 1) you’re probably going to lose; and 2) if you win, it’s not because of skill – its luck. But even “no-limit” poker is

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Social Security must keep ensuring dignity for all

From the Everett Herald: It used to be that working hard and playing by the rules earned most people economic security and the ability to retire with dignity. But jobs are being outsourced, the jobs that remain offer lower wages

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To fix the state budget, start at the top

From State Budget Cuts: Starting at the Top By Dean Baker The elite media are on yet another jihad. They are determined to cut the pay and benefits of public sector workers who can still enjoy a middle-class lifestyle. The

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While public pension critics undermine the middle class, Wall Street walks away with millions

John Burbank | The Everett Herald: Which group of people do you think has your interests closer to heart: a Wall Street banker, an oil company CEO and a software executive, or the teacher’s aide in your kid’s classroom, the

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Good jobs paying a living wage are essential for economic recovery on Main Street

In order for America to break free of this recession, middle class workers – our economic engine – must earn enough money on the job to cover basic needs, pay the mortgage, and save a little bit every month. In

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Social Security: Bedrock of certainty during volatile economic times

How secure is your retirement looking these days? That probably depends on your retirement plan — that is, if you’re lucky enough to have a one. Fewer employers are offering workplace retirement plans – these days, only 59% of full-time

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