The cost of higher education in WA hasn’t increased much, but the price has gone up — here’s why

Adjusted for inflation, the total cost of higher education hasn’t changed much since the mid-1990’s. But the state’s share of that cost has dropped like a stone. Tuition and fees have increased to make up for state funding cuts — putting

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A tax reform plan to fund K-12, higher education and more — at less cost to nearly all of us

The Legislature is at loggerheads, with the Democrat-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate far apart in their proposed budgets. Neither party has a long-term plan for fully funding K-12 education, higher education, mental health, public employee contracts and teacher cost-of-living

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Seattle’s paid sick and safe leave ordinance a win for workers and business

Anyone who’s spent time in Seattle recently knows from the cranes punctuating the skyline, the new restaurants in every neighborhood, and the traffic jams that business here is booming. Seattle’s paid sick and safe leave ordinance went into effect in

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A riddle: My price is going up, even though my cost is the same – what am I?

If you answered “college in Washington state” you are, sadly, correct. Take a look at this example: In 1990-91, Washington state (light gray) covered 80% of the total cost (purple line) to educate a student at the University of Washington.

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UW’s online early learning degree cheaper, but not better for graduates

This spring the University of Washington announced with great fanfare its newest bachelor’s degree program. Joining in the chorus of support for early learning, UW has developed an on-line degree in early childhood education. This will prepare “individuals to work

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Big business bluffing on investments in higher ed funding

At a poker table, the Washington Roundtable’s latest education report would amount to a bold bluff. Our elected representatives in Olympia should call them on it. The leaders of Washington’s biggest corporations say they want more graduates from the state’s

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Irony Alert: Legislators want to gut GET (because their budget cuts jacked up college tuition)

State Senate Leader Rodney Tom and other state legislators are mulling an end to Washington’s popular Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program. Their contention: GET doesn’t operate in the black. The real problem: their own higher ed budget cuts have jacked up

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Early learning for kids means big payoffs later in life

Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate and a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, is an expert on human development. His work in economics, sociology, and psychology has given scientific weight to what many of us know to be anecdotally true

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Now, how shall we fund education?

No matter who wins the elections, there is a lot of work to do. Our governments, at the federal, state, and local levels, must grapple with the slow motion of our economy, the defunding of public services, and the necessity of new jobs.

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As tuition skyrockets, middle class parents face tough choices

It’s a feature of nearly every college graduation: that moment when the speaker calls the graduates to stand and acknowledge their parents with a round of applause. It’s a poignant moment at any ceremony, but even more so today as

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