Chasing South Carolina: For Boeing and Washington state, it’s a race to the bottom

Some industry observers and elected officials conclude that Washington state should weaken unions, to “compete.” There’s something creepy about this.

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Costco is great, but altruistic business leaders won’t rebuild the middle class

Here’s a reason to renew your Costco membership: not only does the company pay its average worker $45,000 per year, it has also resisted pressure from Wall Street to cut wages and benefits since going public in 1985. That anecdote came

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Union membership and middle class prosperity

Recent research from the Iowa Policy Project (IPP) takes a historical look at the rise and fall of union membership in America – and corresponding trends in income inequality. IPP found when union membership was meager in the early 1900s,

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U.S. needs a new labor movement

From the Everett Herald: Labor Day was first celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 by the members of the Central Labor Union in New York. During the following decade, several states and cities made Labor Day an official holiday. Meanwhile. the

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While public pension critics undermine the middle class, Wall Street walks away with millions

John Burbank | The Everett Herald: Which group of people do you think has your interests closer to heart: a Wall Street banker, an oil company CEO and a software executive, or the teacher’s aide in your kid’s classroom, the

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