Lip-service investments in higher ed

From the Everett Herald: Two weeks ago, Gov. Chris Gregoire convened a press conference with corporate leaders from Microsoft and Boeing. They were celebrating a breakthrough in higher education. It was a breakthrough, all right — like 60,000 high school

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Can Washington Fund The Education System Our Kids Need?

This weekend, EOI Policy Director Marilyn Watkins gave a presentation at the Washington State PTA conference. The theme of the presentation was “Can we fund the education system our kids need: Public budgets and the public good”. The following videos

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Taxes are Patriotic

Via Sightline Institute: I filed my taxes a long time ago (just one of the many benefits of being married to someone far, far more organized than I am). So, I haven’t been thinking about my own taxes much this

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Expanding Washington’s tax base to out-of-state shoppers could save in-home nursing care

As we’ve noted in previous posts, Washington’s tax structure, last updated in the 1930s, is riddled with tax exemptions for private industry and relies heavily on a sales tax that hits our low- and middle-income workers hardest. This not only

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On Tax Day, remember what taxes pay for

From schools and teachers to food inspectors, homeland security, stoplights and emergency rooms, taxes pay for the services, infrastructure and programs that we all enjoy. So on this Tax Day, take a minute to thank taxes – and yourself. Video

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Cutting Workers’ Pay and Benefits Doesn’t Help Economic Recovery

By Stan Sorscher, from the Huffington Post: Public attitudes toward workers send a weird mixed message lately. We are busy ripping out support for wages and benefits, while simultaneously asking why the recovery is going badly. Diane Ravitch’s bitter joke

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Fact sheet: Public employee compensation

Fact sheet: Public employee compensation

March 2, 2011

Public employee benefits are on the chopping block across the country as state and local governments look for ways to reduce spending. Public revenues remain low due to the lingering effects of the recession and the longer term trend shifting

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Publicly-owned Green Bay Packers beat 15 private rivals to get to Super Bowl

Guest post by Doug Von Korff, staff intern The “invisible hand” has once again selected a publicly-owned, nonprofit organization by sending the Green Bay Packers to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Does the notion

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Cameron Peters charts the path into – and out of – Washington state’s budget morass

When you’re lost, it’s best to figure out where you are before trying to get to where you want to go. So if you’re finding it difficult to get a clear handle on what’s going on with the state budget,

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