It’s Time: A 3-Step Path to Funding the Education We SHOULD Have

  As divided as Americans seem to be about the role of government, we’re pretty united around the notion that quality public education should be accessible to all. Businesses and our economy can’t operate without an educated workforce – and

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WA Senate keeps creating more tax loopholes

It’s the job of the Legislature to make sure our kids get a good education, open the doors to higher education, keep us safe at home and on our roads, and to maintain parks for our recreation, enjoyment, and quality

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Big business bluffing on investments in higher ed funding

At a poker table, the Washington Roundtable’s latest education report would amount to a bold bluff. Our elected representatives in Olympia should call them on it. The leaders of Washington’s biggest corporations say they want more graduates from the state’s

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We’re Not Broke: A documentary about corporate tax evasion

Interested in watching a good documentary to this week? Check out We’re Not Broke, now streaming free on Hulu! Here’s a short description: America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. Lawmakers cry “We’re Broke!” as they slash

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Corporate tax subsidies take up 15 cents of every public dollar spent in Washington

Recently, the New York Times released a database examining the incentives and subsidies corporations receive from various states. They identified 48 companies that have received more than $100 million in state grants since 2007, including companies with strong ties to

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An introduction to the WA state budget: We need more scrutiny of tax breaks

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: While the legislature deals with budget gaps by cutting public schools, home health care for vulnerable seniors, preschool for low-income kids, and access to college, 100s of tax breaks for profitable corporations go unexamined.

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