Shame on Boeing for Endorsing Trump’s Racism

Watching the nation’s white nationalist-in-chief Donald Trump yesterday was a wrenching experience. Trump defended white supremacists, saying that people who associate with them aren’t all “bad guys” and blamed the “Alt-Left” for standing up to neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Although all

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What are we getting out of Boeing’s tax breaks?

As a young girl, my daughter had a fear of flying. She overcame this through a thorough study of airplanes and landed on the 737 as her preferred means of transportation in the air. So naturally, she asked for a

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What Washington got for Boeing’s $305 million tax break

Last week Boeing reported that it had skipped out on $305 million in taxes in 2015. Back in 2013, the Legislature enacted a special Boeing exemption from business taxes. The legislative intent was to keep jobs in Washington. But that

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Four ways Washington lawmakers can spend our tax dollars more wisely

Recession or not, state lawmakers should be closely watching how they’re spending scarce tax dollars on economic development, to make sure those public investments really pay off. Here are four ways Washington’s legislators can make sure taxpayers are getting the

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Cliff or not, world will keep turning

Every day we hear about the fiscal cliff. But don’t be scared, because in reality it’s a fiction of rhetoric, foisted on the American people by Wall Street and inside-the-beltway politicians, especially those who just took a drubbing in November’s

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Friday (Not) Funny: “Small business” lobby group ignores small biz POV on taxes

The National Federation of Independent Businesses calls itself the “voice of small business” as it argues against closing corporate tax loopholes and against higher taxes for millionaires. That’s odd, because 75% of small business owners say it harms their business

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An introduction to the WA state budget: We need more scrutiny of tax breaks

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: While the legislature deals with budget gaps by cutting public schools, home health care for vulnerable seniors, preschool for low-income kids, and access to college, 100s of tax breaks for profitable corporations go unexamined.

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Tax breaks versus budget cuts as special session approaches

From the San Juan Islander: SEATTLE – Just as most Washington families are finishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers, state lawmakers will be headed into a special session to trim as much as $2 billion from the state budget. The special

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