Was it Worth it? A Report on the Effectiveness of Aerospace Industry Tax Preferences

In a controversial deal to keep aerospace jobs in Washington State, The Boeing Company was awarded the largest corporate tax break in the history of the United States. The law, signed last year, extends a B&O tax cut for the

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Governor’s budget proposal is a step in the right direction – but does not go far enough

Our state budget is one of the main ways elected leaders make decisions on our behalf about the future our children and our state will have. Will we continue to underfund education and overcrowd classrooms, or provide adequate resources so

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How to modernize Washington’s tax code and rebuild our local economy

Washington legislators will convene a special session this fall to respond to a $1.4 billion drop in the state’s expected revenue for 2011-13, brought on by high unemployment and the lingering recession. State lawmakers have already slashed billions of dollars from

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This “hog” stinks: Biz lobbyists defend tax break while public services suffer

The fate of special business tax exemptions is once again under consideration in Washington state – but not by state legislators. (At least, not yet.) This time, a citizen commission is reviewing tax exemptions to determine their economic impact –

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Time to grow with money that is owed

From the Everett Herald: The era of 9/11 may have been brought to a close last week with the killing of Osama bin Laden. President Obama spoke of bringing to justice bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He

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Tax breaks burden poor

From the Spokane Spokesman-Review: Washington state is fast on its way to becoming the Evergreen gated community, with starkly different futures for the haves and have-nots. It’s time to tell our elected officials to set a better course. Our state

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Will multi-billion dollar tax loopholes in Washington’s budget go to the ballot?

By Gary Burris, EOI Senior Policy Associate State legislators are floating new proposals to end billions of dollars in tax loopholes now on the books, in an effort to curb $5 billion in projected cuts to education, health care and

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$2 million for country club members or school lunches for low-income kids?

From vs. It’s the quintessential “sport” – friends gathered in their best pink argyle, smoking cigars around the first tee at dawn, waiting for their caddies to carry over their clubs and yardage books. The best part? Members of

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In this state, you might be better off being a chicken

From The Olympian: Bill just wanted a home with a warm bed. Too bad he’s not a chicken, because under Washington state law he’d be getting better treatment. Bill, a south Puget Sound-area resident, suffers from mental illness and chemical

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