“We have a 1063 in progress. The governor’s hands are tied.”

via Slog: On, here’s a trailer for a bona fide Washington State thriller (made by Sandy Cioffi and three graduates from the now-maybe-defunct, maybe-coming-back-in-some-form Seattle Central Community College film program—a possible deal may be in the works to restore

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Budget is important, but special session should also focus on creating quality local jobs

The upcoming special session in Olympia will focus on the state budget – but voters (and our tax dollars!) would get a lot more value out of it if legislators put an equal amount of time and effort into creating

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Tax breaks versus budget cuts as special session approaches

From the San Juan Islander: SEATTLE – Just as most Washington families are finishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers, state lawmakers will be headed into a special session to trim as much as $2 billion from the state budget. The special

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How raising revenue for public services could create 17,000 jobs

State and local government budget cuts and layoffs, combined with the sharp falloff of federal investment, are slowing down the tenuous beginnings of economic recovery and threatening to derail it altogether. Since 2009, Washington policymakers have slashed billions of dollars

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Counter the lobbyists – create 2000 jobs and provide 1 year of community college free, just by closing three tax breaks

From the Everett Herald: I rode to work in the dark this morning, and I will probably ride home in the dark this evening. It’s that time of year, the sun rising later and setting earlier, Halloween right around the

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How to modernize Washington’s tax code and rebuild our local economy

Washington legislators will convene a special session this fall to respond to a $1.4 billion drop in the state’s expected revenue for 2011-13, brought on by high unemployment and the lingering recession. State lawmakers have already slashed billions of dollars from

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