Back to school: MPA degree helps harness democratic spirit, drive social change

Excerpted from the inaugural edition of The Evans School Review, an annual peer-reviewed journal that publishes multidisciplinary research in public policy and management at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs: When I started at the Graduate School of

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Education pays – but at what cost? WA tuition increases threaten long-term economic prosperity

As the saying goes, “education pays.” But with another round of tuition increases at Washington’s public universities this fall, the rising cost of college – and how to pay for it – is becoming a significant barrier to potential students.

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How federal government backstops our economy

From the Everett Herald: My son Owen and I just drove across half the country. He has a summer job in St. Paul, Minn., and we are giving him our 10-year-old car. Hence, a road trip! Driving along I-90 and

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Government is Good: The Forgotten Achievements of Government

Via Government is Good: The popular view of government is that of low-achieving screw-up. When asked, “When the government in Washington decides to solve a problem, how much confidence do you have that the problem will be solved?” only four

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Government is Good: A Day in Your Life

Via Government is Good: Ask yourself this question: “What has government done for me lately?” If you are like most Americans, you will probably answer: “Not much.”  Many people feel like they pay a lot in taxes but don’t really

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